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The Moncenis Pass is about 2.100m a.s.l., one of the main pass West of Turin between Italy and France. In the past it was part of the Holy trail that connected Northern Europe to Rome and to the Holy Land, and has been often used by armies to cross the Alps. A famous one of a couple thousands years ago has been Hannibal's expedition who crossed this pass with his elephants when heading for Rome.

Open just in summer when the snow melts, it used to have a small lake and a tiny village near it. Then in the late sixties they built a big dam thus creating a much greater lake which submerged the houses.
Nowadays in a most scenic spot along its border there's again some kind of a village, with a tourist info point, a church in the shape of a pyramid, a botanical garden, a few bars and some facilities to sleep overnight. Lots of trekking paths from there.

Cool and always windy it's a wonderful place to forget for a while about the city heath on hot summer days. At least a 10°C lower temp, guaranteed.
tempus fugitturquoise lakeat the road sidethrough the fencewalks around the lakesummer housedream spot