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Created 10-May-07
Modified 5-Jun-07
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A short walk on a windy day in the roundabouts of a bridge close to city center. Just a road test for my Leica Digilux 2, it doesn't want to be anything else or maybe just the chance to show a nice spot of my city.

What to say? see for yourself, but as for me, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Oh well, no camera is perfect, and a three year old one is so old in digital times (I'm even older than that so I guess I'm a walking dino), but as long as it lets me have some good pix ...
Little post processing, shot in raw and converted with Lightroom, then added a very light sharpening in PS. A few of the more contrasty ones went also through a tiny bit of NoiseNinja and came out pretty clean.

Still a quite enjoyable camera with an outstanding lens, not an M Leica but the next best thing to it really. Not so high res for today standards, but good enough for real work and fairly sized prints (for me this means A3 at least). Pity Leica did not upgrade it with a bigger sensor, a bigger buffer and a faster autofocus maybe, would have been a real hit. Were they fearing this could eat their M8 sales? By the way, the same question could be put to Olympus with my beloved E-1 ...

If you'd like to see more pix from this camera, (jpegs and not raws this time, same light pp), please have a look at my "Walking by the seaside" gallery. There are also a few recent ones at the top of my "2007..." gallery. A couple are a good test for the performance in low light and high contrast. This to prove that even jpegs from it can give pretty good results.

Will add more, for the moment I hope you can enjoy these pictures and please feel free to write me if you have any comments.

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North view from Balbis bridgefrom Balbis bridgeSouth view from Balbis bridge