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Created 26-Mar-08
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A walk in downtown Turin.
Turin is a fairly old city, its origins go back to the Romans that set up a permanent camp in the "B.C. times", possibily on a previous site of the Tauri, a Celtic population that settled in Northern Italy. Its very name comes right from them (Taurus=bull) and the bull is still the city symbol after over a couple thousands years.
We have some relics of the roman times, some say most of them are still underground, but the current look, at least for what is nowadays the town centre, has been shaped in the baroque centuries by famous architects like Juvarra, just to name the main one.
A peculiar thing are the arcades, about 19km of them along the main streets of the town center. In my pix you can have a glimpse of some parts of them on my way to the central piazza Castello where is the core of the royal buildings.

It was a sunny but cold and windy day, almost freezing actually. The day after Easter is holiday in Italy, so they were having some street shows in the main central square, funny jugglers, buskers, even a trio of real American Indians playing some traditional music of theirs. Quite a few people around, from all venues in the world as in recent years Turin has become a multiethnic city, and trying to keep warm in the sun and out of the late afternoon shadow, and families with kids enjoying the shows and the water fountains, but less than a handful of "good" cameras around ...

Hope my pix will let you have a little glimpse of all this, and that you'll enjoy them.
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