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Created 19-May-08
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Cherasco is a small town in Southern Piedmont, with a large street that cuts through the center and is framed by an arch at both ends. Nicely restored streets and houses that can look just plain and old from outside but sometimes make for astonishing interiors. The hard thing is getting to visit them.

Like it happens with many towns of little importance nowadays, things were quite different in the past centuries, some important treaties were signed in it, one even by Napoleon himself.

As most towns and villages it has an official music band, something often regarded as a bit of the old times, kind of dull and uninspiring stuff, but these bands can sometimes play surprisingly better than you would expect. It depends on how many real music lovers are in them and how they can pass it on. One of my pix shows an instant of this.

Got there on an short afternoon trip of a cloudy and windy Sunday. No country fair this time calling for huge number of tourists.
A thrill was given to us by a few parachute landings stranded by the wind in the nearby car park, actually sort of crashing down among and over the cars. Not the best of days for this kind of thing.

Small gallery of a few small pictures, but the people in them are not small at all. Hope you can enjoy.