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Created 9-Feb-08
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Carnival parade in Saluzzo.

Really freezing day, had even to alternate batteries in my D/2 like on a mountain trek, but real warm otherwise for everything else.

For me most of the fun of a carnival parade is with the people watching it, so you'll find here more pictures of the spectators than of the parade itself, they are usually more interesting stuff than what is going on in the center of the street.
It's the feeling of this all that I love, and the show is just a fake target to shoot at them. Being together, full of colours and of drive, oh boy, especially when the young ones surround you with their joy for life, that's what makes these things enjoyable and makes you feeling good.

The picture I love most? The last one.
I was aiming at the parade coming my way, when this boy turned and grabbed her in a sweep on her back to a final kiss ... an instant, no time to reframe, just click and hope for the best, and got the beginning of their movement. Looking unaware of everybody else, they are frozen in their youth and the joy of it, in a capture which is not in focus, but hope their faces, their smile, their hands will share all that with you and make this pic worthwhile.

Hope you enjoy.
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