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Created 7-Jan-07
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A two day meeting by 38 hot air balloon teams from all over the world, some from as far as Alaska and Australia ... wonderful day and show. Gathered all together in a small park the size of soccer playfield, they smoothly set up their balloons in as little as 10-15 min. Unload the wicker basket, mount the burner on top, load the propane tanks, and then roll out the tightly packed balloon envelope, connect the basket ropes and begin to unfold it with a fan, ignite the burner and in a matter of minutes it's standing there, sky high over you ... easy isn't it? well, er, sure.
On last afternoon they had a "hare & hound" race, the white IVECO one being the hare and flying away some ten min before the "hounds".
Blue sky, warm winter sun, beautiful colours ... hope these can bring you some of the feeling of it all.
Anybody's looking for a flying shutterbug? :-)