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2008 begins with a few snowy winter ones from some short trips to Val Varaita, in the Occitan area. Small villages up on the sides of the valley with ancient names coming out of the night of times and slippery paths cut just a foot wide in the snow among the houses. On the bottom winds up one of the old summer roads that cross the Alps between Italy and France.

When Spring melts the snow and paths open again, it's old walls and old doors, old mansions and old castles, and finally a few walks around Turin downtown (see the specific gallery).

In late April my first poppies in all their deep red livery, but rain, lots of it this year, had been washing away both Spring and its colours.

Summer brings again my usual wandering along mountain paths, where you meet more grazing herds than people, which for a city dweller like me is not a bad change. Elva Pass and Lamb Pass again but this time marmots were too shy or at least more than the reach of my longest lens ...

One of my mum showing her smile in appreciation of this world. Btw she will be 95 in a few months ...

Not many chances in Autumn. Most recent b&w ones are from an old country town in Southern Piedmont, while the colours are from a sunny afternoon along the river bank in downtown Turin, then a steady rain again washed away Autumn colours too.

Looking back guess I'd say this year was not a dry one ... did I mention the rain? :-)

"What is left of Summer" has been defined a somewhat sad picture. Maybe they're a bit right, all Summer is in there in all we have lost, and before Winter drapes it with some shining snow. Guess we have to wait a bit for new colours ... but they will come again.

We had a Christmas day with a heavvy snowfall as you can see.
Thank you Santa ... we all enjoyed it. :-))

Hope you enjoy them. Tell me, will you?
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