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Some images from 2007 ...
A few notes for those who might be interested.
The last four are from Mondovi', a lovely small city in Southern Piedmont, to which I'm related as it was "the place" up to my great-grand-parents along my mother line. Walking around its streets you can still have some glimpses that are really timeless.
Most of the others are from walks along paths on mountains & valleys South of Turin.
Chianale is a tiny mountain village in the Varaita valley, almost abandoned and in bad shape 'till a few years ago, is now beautifully restored and a jewel on its own. Times change and people come back to appreciate things that seemed lost.
Exilles is village in the upper part of the Susa valley, best known for an impressive fortress which in past centuries controlled one of the main roads to France. Piedmont being a border region has a twenty century long history of wars and warriors. And of Saints.
Poppies in April? the exif data is there. Crazy season ...
The storks and the tiny frog (about 5cm/2") were taken near the border of a wildlife protected area.
All the sea ones but the first, are from my gallery "Walking by the seaside", please see it.
A recent few from the road to Elva again, but with the colours of a dry Summer, and the seagull is from a walk along the Po banks in Turin. Before you ask ... just sheer luck :-)
Marmot was taken close to the Lamb Pass at 2744m. Amazing for such a shy animal that it let me as close as some 15m. Added a few more from my last treks at the Lamb and MontCenis pass before the winter snow.
The "shadows" ... sometimes you have to look down for pictures. And friends.
Btw, hope you like the pictures too.
sidewallcolour&shadowstwilight glowCherasco - sequenceMont Cenis (Moncenisio)pass North view 2100mMont Cenis - at lake border - 2100mNorth view from Lamb pass -2744mLamb pass - the tree limitshadowsCrissolo - redsLacesfellowshipOld Grumpy