Created 25-Jul-07
Modified 6-Aug-07
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In Summer finding sites that are not that crowded in the (Italian) Riviera is not that easy, but Ventimiglia is one. As the French border is just around the corner, so to say, for most people it's more of a "transit" or shopping place than a famous tourist resort. Life runs more along its inner streets than at the beach which is mostly with stones and not sand.
But you have something that is missing elsewhere, something I do appreciate, open spaces close to the sea that is, without the pressure of the flooding Summer crowds.
So while my wife was suntanning I could walk along the sea for long hours with my camera trying to get the new glimpse, the new frame, in a always changing subject.
I just love the sea, and my camera helps me to look at it and remember, and I love having a place and someone to come back to from my walks. I'm a lucky one, I know.
Hope I can share something of this with you all through my pictures, hope you can enjoy them.
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