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As usual the year starts with some winter snow, some late snow actually, but the first butteflies show us that spring is close, really close...
Suddenly not spring but summer temps are here. and the colours are even brighter, but at the same time over the mountains the snow has not melted much yet , so in a short trip you can switch from winter to summer and back.
Funny weather, you can see gorgeous colours on one side of the valley, and still be knee deep in the snow on the other.

Gone is the snow, spots of colour have bloomed all around us, and the first dark red poppies have come.

A long trail of rain and wild storms have marked the beginning of summer, and eventually heat and humidity have set, just one more reason to flee the city and roam along the western valleys in search of a more bearable climate. So we headed again for the valleys Varaita, Chisone, Susa and so on which provide even more photo opportunities than in winter.
One cloudy day at the Moncenisio pass, we met a dance group who were enjoying tango in their trekking outfit, but for women shoes of course ...
The season seems to have shifted one month forward, so Autumn brings little of reds because it's been not cold enough, and then the snow suddenly whitens mountains and their lakes...
A country fair, a small group of four playing, a dance group really enjoying the traditional Occitan music, a beautiful afternoon...

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