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As usual a few snowy shots to begin the year, though we had less than what they got North of the Alps ...

We had some late snow storms in March, but the white is quickly gone but on mountains, and, though you can feel Spring revving the engine, the end of Winter is just dull and brown and colours are not easy to be found, so I have to make do with what I find.

End of March, a last visit to Ponte Chianale before Spring kicks in. While sinking knee-deep in snow on the lake border, the water in front of the dam is still frozen but beginning to thaw.

Jumping into May and full Spring, a walk in a magic wood where I met the wood Fairy and a sleeping ... scooter, waiting on its Autumn bed for the hand of a kid and live again.

Alberto on the day of his graduation, a few portraits from granny's 80th birthday party, and, while rain washed away my poppies days in Spring, Summer is here again with all the mountain flowers and their landscapes in full glory.

Unfortunately I sort of missed the Autumn colours high up on the mountains, but still trying to catch up with them along the river banks in the city. Snow is getting lower and closer, and the sweet caldarroste are good also for the soul on these early cold days...